Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Words of Saint Mother Theodore

Besides the admirable union that exists between
persons of different nationalities, of dispositions so
opposite, some well informed, others without
education, there is also among the Sisters a great
spirit of faith, of piety and a confidence in God
which goes as far, I believe, as it an go.
~Saint Mother Theodore Guerin~

In these words I find encouragement, even hope that as a nation we can still be that melting pot of nationalities that can come together in union.  Yes, as one so that we will continue to grow as a nation that learns from those who come to share this land with us.  We are privileged to be a country that has evolved because of the beauty of individual cultures woven into this tapestry we call home.  We become a people of understanding and compassion when we allow ourselves to learn from others who seem different that we are. 

Thanks be to God!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Generosity of Providence

I can say that when reflecting on these words of Saint Mother Theodore I find no flaw in them.  For I have found, in my Journey of Providence, what she has said is true..  On the days most gray and bleak I can look back and see the hand of Providence as my guide.

Thanks be to God!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Holy Ground

I had the opportunity again to spend time at The Woods, that is Saint Mary-of-the Woods.  And there to tread on holy ground.  Yes, we followed the path of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin upon her arrival there nearly 160 years ago.  Having read about her journey in Mother Theodore Guerin, Journals and Letters, it was a wonderful experience to share it with others on this Providence Journey.  Sharing with the Sisters of Providence who live Saint Mother Theodore's mission and those of us who are learning to live it as Associates I was emboldened and excited to have been on Holy Ground.  The story of Mother Theodore is a true adventure!  An adventure worth sharing! 

Thanks be to God!