Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality

It has been a week since Matthew Kelly was here and spoke to us. I have been "busy." Just as he said I need to take time out for the things most important. And the thing most important is my SOUL. I will reflect on how I can continue to be a Better-Version-of Myself by integrating more fully the seven pillars of Catholic spirituality as he puts it.

Matthew says in his book Rediscovering Catholicism

Our Spiritual heritage is rich in wisdom and practice. If we can embrace this spiritual heritage and adapt it to the modern context, we will begin again to thrive as the spiritual people God intended us to be. (pg. 156)

And so today I hope to continue the Provident Journey with more enthusiasm and zeal prayerfully and with vigor. Pray for me!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Super Abundant Grace

Reflection by Herni J. M. Nouwen.

Super Abundant Grace

Over the centureis the Church has done enough to make any critical person want to leave it. Its history of violent crusades, prgroms, power struggles, oppression, excommunications, executions, manipulation of people and ideas, and constantly recurring divisions is there for everyone to see and be appalled by.

Can we believe that this is the same Church that carries in its center the Word ofGod and the sacraments of God's healing love? Can we trust that in the midst of all its human brokenness the Church presents the broken body of Christ to the world as food for eternal life? Can we acknowledge that where sin is abundant grace is superabundant, and that where promises are borken over and over again Go's promise stands unshaken? To believe is to answer yest to these questions.


I read this, re-read it, thought about it, and read it again. If we study the Holy Scripture we find the same history throughout all time from the beginning of creation. Where there is sin, greed, and jealousy there will be pain, conflict, and violent death.

What I find in the Church is the love of God through the sacraments, nourishment in the Word and the Body of Christ, healing through the community of the Family of God. To this I say, "Where else would I go?"

Thanks be to God

Monday, October 12, 2009

John Angotti "Feed My Lambs"

I am reminded that I am called to feed his lambs. I pray for the strength to do Your will. It was a weekend of joy and jubliation. New birth and family love. "Feed my Sheep."


Thanks be to God!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Journey

Today is the day I journey to meet Sr. Dorothy for spiritual direction. This is a journey anticipated with enthusiasm. We have such fulfilling discussions and I leave after every meeting feeling uplifted and validated in my faith and as a person. We discuss today our Inner Resources. Believe it or not I found it really difficult to define my inner strengths. Maybe that is because I have never been asked in all my life to so.

I was asked to name a time when I was healed by an inner wound...No one wants to delve into that so for a long time I could not or would not consider I had been wounded. I realized that we hide all those times. We don't want to think about them, so we just put them on the "top shelf in the closet" and hope we never have to deal with them again. Well, this lesson in itself has been healing!!!

And so it is with joy I prepare for this journey today, first by attending Mass and then I'm off to share with a friend!

Thanks be to God!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quote to Keep

When I was reading Matthew Kelly's book Call To Joy this quote struck me as most relevant for me right now. I want to save it so it will be easily found again.

When we look forward in our lives we see uncertainty. When we look back, the events of our lives fall together like the colored pieces in a kaleidoscope, forming a pattern with meaning. We are then able to see how certain circumstances and events of the past have been part of an unfolding plan. By recognizing that a plan or pattern of providence has been at work in our past, we are able to move forward with trust despite the uncertainty that lies ahead. (pg 11-12)

Thanks be to God!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Thousand Gifts

Precious Treasures
Given with love, affection
Welcomed with open arms and love

On Mondays I write down the things for which I am grateful. The more I do this the more I find I am saying Thank You during each day. This is a blessing!!! And so I begin!

36. Colored leaves

37. Smiling faces

38. Barking dogs

39. Singing children

40. Fragrance of roses

41. Cherished memories

42. Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and his simplicity

43. Lessons learned

44. Well worn shoes

45. Tooth paste

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Road to Providence

For the last year I have journeyed with Sister Dorothy, as my companion, on this Road to Providence. It has been a journey of self-awareness, reflection, and spiritual direction. I have found purpose in the time and talent I have been granted on this journey. And so, as I contemplate my commitment to the Sisters of Providence as an Associate and on this feast of their foundress, Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, I am drawn to their Litany of Non-Violence. Pray it with me if you will.

Litany of Non-Violence

Provident God, aware of my own brokenness,
I ask the gift of courage to identify how and where
I am in need of conversion in order to live in
solidarity with all Earth's people.

Deliver me from the violence of superiority and disdain.
Grand me the desire, and the humility, to listen
with special care to those whose experiences
and attitudes are different from my own.

Deliver me from the violence of greed and privilege.
Grant me the desire, and the will, to live simply
so others may have their just share of Earth's resources.

Deliver me from the silence that give consent
to abuse, wars and evil.
Grant me the desire, and the courage, to risk speaking
and acting for the common good.

Deliver me from the violence of irreverence,
exploitation and control.
Grant me the desire, and the strength, to act
responsibly within the cycle of creation.

God of love, mercy and justice,
acknowledging my complicity in those attitudes,
actions and words which perpetuate violence,
I beg the grace of a non-violent heart. Amen

Sisters of Providence
of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods

Thanks be to God!