Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality

It has been a week since Matthew Kelly was here and spoke to us. I have been "busy." Just as he said I need to take time out for the things most important. And the thing most important is my SOUL. I will reflect on how I can continue to be a Better-Version-of Myself by integrating more fully the seven pillars of Catholic spirituality as he puts it.

Matthew says in his book Rediscovering Catholicism

Our Spiritual heritage is rich in wisdom and practice. If we can embrace this spiritual heritage and adapt it to the modern context, we will begin again to thrive as the spiritual people God intended us to be. (pg. 156)

And so today I hope to continue the Provident Journey with more enthusiasm and zeal prayerfully and with vigor. Pray for me!


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This has become a new adventure. One in which I will try to express my journey with providence.