Monday, November 2, 2009

Reconciliation, The First Pillar

We all have spiritual disease. We all have sins. Some people like to pretend that they don't, but their sins will just spread through their lives like cancer in the body. And in the end, they will be devoured by their sins...God sees your unrealized potential. He sees not only who you are, but also who you can be. Ask him to share that vision with you...
a great freedom is born by bringing your darkness into light. Our faults and failings have a tendency of eating away at us inside. But when we bring them into the light they lose their power over us...I assure you, if you will approach this sacrament with a sincere and humble heart, you will experience the flow of grace in your life. [As the priest speaks the words of absolution,] the flood gates of grace will be opened your soul will be filled with a deep peace, and you will experience inexplicable lightness, a sense of liberation.

Reconciliation is a gift. Behold the beauty. Embrace the treasure.
Rediscovering Catholicism
by Mattew Kelly

And so it is today that I am called to reflect on my own sinfulness. I do a poor job of making an examination of conscience each day. My excuse is I'm too tired. The TRUTH is I don't want to think about it. If I'm too tired I can go to bed and forget about it. In reality it will not go away. The sin is still there and when I awake in the morning to a new day without claiming my sinfulness that day will be no different that any other day in my life.

My happiness lies in claiming my can call them faults if you like, but a sin by any other name is still SIN. And so this day, before I go to bed I will do my examination of conscience, claim the sins as my own, and ask forgiveness. Then I will take these sins to my confessor for absolution. Amazingly, when I make it a practice of recalling my offenses in the examination of conscience, I have no need to make another examination of conscience before presenting myself before the priest for reconciliation with God.

I am beginning a renewal. I have done this many times before. Yes, and many times have let it slide. Yet again, I will try! I will made every effort to visit the Sacrament of Reconciliation monthly. And in this renewal, I ask for prayers that I may have the will, courage, and strength to continue this journey and that if I falter, I will have the wherewithal to begin again and not dwell on this as a failure but as another hurdle to be overcome.


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