Sunday, October 11, 2015


In the absence of justice what is sovereignty but organized robbery.  
~~Saint Augustine~~

I would ask you to reflect on these words in light of the world we live in today.  Then consider what it is you have to do insure that there is justice for all where you live.  This is an awesome task, but if we are to live as followers of Christ in the world today we cannot sit on our sofas and do nothing.  We must and can be disciples of the one who was sent by the Father.

Be as Christ to the world.  Ask yourself, "Do I promote justice where I live?"  Or am I one who chooses to ignore those in need saying, "This is not my problem.  I have problems of my own."  

I would hope you would see yourself in those who suffer and even with those problems you face you will offer justice and peace to those who are also in need!

Thank you!

Thanks be to God!