Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anger Management

I tried to post this yesterday on Kind Conversation under Words of Wisdom but somehow I managed to send it into cyberspace and there it may remain for ever. I will try again here today.

It struck me when I read this quote how very much anger does impact our lives and I could only imagine how much we would gain by "tempering" it.

Imagine your anger to be a kind of wild beast, because it too has ferocious teeth and claws. And if you don't tame it, it will devastate all things. It not only hurts the body; it even corrupts the health of the soul, devouring, rending, tearing to pieces all its strength, and making it useless for everything. ~Saint John Chrysostom

Truly Words of Wisdom to ponder.

Wishing all a grand weekend of peace and quiet!!!

Thanks be to God!


  1. Such wise words and so very true.
    Have a lovely weekend as well,

  2. I'm amazed by the fact that this ancient word has been supported and strengthened by current science. Just imagine the details we DON'T know yet!

  3. That wild beast has wreaked havoc in my life at times. I am finally at peace with(out) it. Great quote, Cathy!



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