Monday, August 23, 2010

Providential Joy

The Sacredness of God's Handiwork

How do we live in creation?  Do we relate to it as a place full of "things" we can use for whatever need we want to fulfill and whatever goal we wish to accomplish?  Or do we see creation first of all as a sacramental reality, a sacred space where God reveals to us the immense beauty of the Divine? 

As long as we only use creation, we cannot recognize its sacredness because we are approaching it as if we were its owners.  But when we relate to all that surrounds us as created by the same God who created us and as the place where God appears to us and calls us to worship and adoration, then we are able to recognize the sacredness of all God's handiwork.
Henri J. M. Nouwen
Bread For the Journey

As I read these words of Henri Nouwen and listened to the words sung by Michael Card I was reminded how much I take this glorious world for granted.  Instead of expecting the roses to bloom and spread their beautiful petals, I should be in awe of the beauty!!!  It's the glory of God in our midst!  I should be jubilant in this garden.  I should be singing joyfully!!!  And so I will!!!

Thanks be to God!

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  1. it takes effort on my part to enjoy His creation; but, oh the blessedness of it! i am doing well thank you for asking! i like this new place of yours :o) did you take the photos?


This has become a new adventure. One in which I will try to express my journey with providence.