Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cleaning Out Small Spaces...

Is it as hard for you as it is for me to part with things?  I love a good mystery.  Any book really but mysteries in particular.  I love Agatha Christi, Mary Higgins Clark, and Anne Perry.  I am especially fond of Diane Mott Davidson who writes delicious mysteries set in my native Colorado.  She takes me home as I sit in my chair here in Indiana.

Giving up or parting with things I find dear is challenging.  The excuse I'll read it again is just that, an excuse.  Indeed, I've had all these books for years and I've not returned to any of them.  I simply buy the next.  So why save them.?

I read the verse offered by Saint Francis de Sales and find myself asking,  "How do I bring forth good fruit when I do not share what I have to offer?"  So if I hoard these books and no one has the opportunity to avail themselves of them then what good are they?  So I intend to take them to the library.

The same could be true of my soul.  If I simply do nothing, if I hoard my talent, time, or treasure what good are they to me.  If I never intend to use them they become worthless and a terrible waste.   So clean out the small spaces I will.  I will share what I have with others as Providence guides.  I will not hoard those things he has provided but share them so that I can "bring forth good works seasonalby and with discretion."

Wishing all a grand weekend 
Thanks be to God!


  1. WOW. Ain't that the truth!!! MERCI MA BELLE! Oh, God has such a rich life built for us, doesn't He? PEACE! Anita

  2. This is beautiful,Cathy. I wish you every success - blessed by providence. I love the picture at the top - even your cluttered spaces look tidy!

  3. Very beautiful...and very apt! I struggle with my "packratery" tendencies - trying to keep "being prepared" from turning into hoarding. And being a bookworm I always have a hard time passing along by books ;)

    Have a blessed week ~ Kathy

  4. Dear Cathy, what a beautiful sentiment in this post. Indeed, why not donate things we no longer need and thus they can continue to please others.
    I love your wonderful and inspiring writing, have a lovely Sunday,

  5. Very true, and it is commendable for those who can part with things AND able to share them with others.

  6. i've never considered myself a hoarder, but reading this i realized that, when it comes to giving of my time, i am guilty of hoarding it.

    hoarding doesn't necessarily mean things ... i see that now.

    thanks for the insight!

  7. Now I knew there was a reason I liked you! I have about 88 Christie titles....but I've read each of them at least 3 times. And I do return to them often when wanting a quick n fun read. Nice to see your other place here!

  8. Dearest Cathy, WHAT A GREAT WORD OF WISDOM...I am learning this constantly as I grow away is the pathway to the Love of God...Blessings to you dear, dear friend. Have a LOVELY WEEKEND and may Christ fill every corner of your soul! Anita


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