Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Truth That Sets Us Free

This reflection was offered yesterday in the Magnificat.  To me it is a treasure.  It's here because I don't want to lose it.

Saint Catherine of Siena says:

It is easy to see Christ's patient the face of our sins, how he seems to pretend not to see...  What great patience, that he disregards the wrong done him!  On the cross he hears the clamor of those who first shouted, "Crucify him!" and now challenge him to come down from the cross.  And he cries, "Father, forgive them!"  He does not move when they shout that he should come down, but stays there till the end.

Then he joyously shouts, "It is finished!"  Yes, those seem to be sorrowful words, but they were words of joy to that soul aflame and consumed in the fire of divine charity, the soul of the incarnate Word, God's Son.   It is as if the gentle Jesus  wanted to say, "I have completely fulfilled what was written of me.  Fulfilled too is my painful desire to redeem the human race.  I am happy, exultant, that I have finished this suffering.  I have fulfilled the commission given me by my father, a commission I so longed to accomplish..."

Shame, shame on our human pride, our self complacency, our self-centeredness, when we see how good God has been to us, how many gifts and graces he had given us--and not because he has to but because he wants to.  Obtuse as we are, we seem not to see or feel this love so hot that, if we were made of stone, it would long ago have burst us open!...  Unhappy me!  I can see no other reason except that the eye of our understanding is not focused on the tree of the cross.  For there is revealed such warm love, such gently persuasive teaching has torn open his very body, has shed his life's blood and with that blood has baptized and bathed us.  We can and should make use of the baptism every day with continual remembrance and great love.  ~~Saint Catherin of Siena~~

Saint Catherine of Siena (+1380), Doctor of the Church, was a Dominican, stigmatist, and papal counselor.

Most eye-opening.  A lesson here to be learned by all, especially me!
Thanks be to God!


  1. CATHY....what passionate and true words....we have such limited understanding and ability, but SO MUCH POTENTIAL...the gift has been give to us to follow suit, but it takes a change of wills...oh how perfect this message is to me....THANK YOU FOR COMING TO WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And you are going to visit # ELEVEN GRANDCHILD?????WOOWOWOW! HAPPINESS! Be well my dear friend, Anita

  2. Dear Cathy,
    Good Afternoon!I am from Thrishur,Kerala,India.
    God Bless All!Good Effort to bring awareness of the sacrifices of Jesus!
    Blessed You Are To Write These Holy Words!
    Wishing You A Lovely Day,


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