Monday, May 23, 2011

Blessings From Above!

The wonders of God's power.
South Dakota, 2010

"Christ's mother carried him in her womb; may we carry him in our hearts The Virgin became pregnant with the incarnation of Christ; may our hearts become pregnant with faith in Christ. She brought forth the Savior; my our souls bring forth salvation and praise. ~Saint Augustine~

My initiation into motherhood happened 42 years ago today!  Our oldest was born.  She has been a delight and a joy!  Her gifts and enthusiasm for life have given me cause to thank God heartily endlessly for her and all her brothers and sister.  Treasures all!!!

Thanks be to God!

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  1. I like your photographs -- they always seem to add the perfect something extra to your posts. (I am usually just a lurker on my favorite blogs)
    I have (what I think is) a pretty cool project happening over at Woodlands Home. I hope you can take a minute to click on over and leave me your link! This is going to be an on-going weekly post. The whole idea is for people to share their point of view on a given subject. A simple picture is all that is needed: 1 Theme - Many Perspectives!


This has become a new adventure. One in which I will try to express my journey with providence.