Friday, September 11, 2009


[Since] Christ has been raised from death,
how can some of you say
that the dead will not be raised to life?
1Corinthians 15:12

In The Year of my Rebirth, Jesse Stuart, the Kentucky writer says it was a family practice to plant Irish potatoes on Good Friday. sometimes it snowed after that date and the potatoes would lie lifeless in the cold ground, as Jesus did. But a yearly miracle always too place. One day, suddenly, "the crumpled dark green leaves would peak through the dark crust of earth." Reflecting on this unfailing miracle, Stuart writes: "How can I possible doubt the resurrection of Almighty God's Son when every springtime I have seen the process of resurrection...I have faith--that when man, the seed of God, is placed in the ground....he will be resurrected to new life." (pg. 334)
Mision 2000
Praying Scripture
in a Contemporary Way
B cycle
Mark Link, S.J.

The quiestion asked in this refection is this: "How might I deepen my own faith that I will be resurrected to neew life?"

After reading this I wondering if there is not a season of rebirth in all of us. If life is cyclical then the seasons of the year are a perfect lesson in the Resurrection and rebirth. I have looked back on my life over the years and can see that I have had periods where growth and change took place. I see this year as I began my Journey to Providence has been one of those times. It is a matter of answering the call. It means listening and saying "yes." With each "yes" we are brought again to a New Spring. It is a time for blossoming again the the life of the Father, Son, and Spirit! With each step we take in this Journey we come closer to the ultimate goal. That New Resurrection that we have yet to truly experience. This is a wonderful journey and with a great deal of gratitude I can really say and mean, "Thank You!"

Indeed, thanks be to God!!!

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