Friday, January 22, 2010


Life with vision
Anticipating good
Living today for tomorrow

When there are so many suffering in this world, the pain and suffering being endured by the people of Haiti becomes just one more example of the tragedy in the world. Hope is the way to tomorrow. The sunrise is the hope of the darkness of night. Food is the hope of hunger, water the hope of thirst. Healing is the hope of pain. And love is the hope of despair and fear.

Pope John Paul II said in an address to the 5oth session of the United Nations in 1995:

Hope is not empty optimism springing from a naive confidence that the future will necessarily be better than the past. Hope and trust are the premise of responsible activity and are nurtured in that inner sanctuary of conscience where "man is alone with God" and thus perceives that he is not alone amid the enigmas of existence, for he is surrounded by the love of the Creator. [Pope John Paul II, His Essential Wisdom edited by Carol Kelly-Gangi]

So it is that we who hope actively participate in offering hope. Hope is not a passive activity. Hope is most active when we bond with others to bring hope to fulfillment. Working in a food pantry or offering financial support to it. Feeding the hungry by cooking or serving the meal. Tutoring the child who cannot read. Hugging the child that weeps in fear. One cannot in all honesty say that they cannot supply hope or offer hope to another if he/she are actively investing time, talent and treasure to its fulfillment. There is always HOPE at the foot of the Cross!

So today, offer hope wherever and to whomever you can!

Thanks be to God!!!


  1. WOW. That is powerful, Cathy. I never thought of hope in that way....I did always have a fuzzy notion that it was something I couldn't give, that is was something that had to well up from the individual. Wow, was I wrong! This is so true; this is what makes Christ's words and promises so possible in us...WE have the potential to bring it forward! I tutor kids after school, and I am always amazed how many times they have told their parents how much more they believe in their abilities because of the work of a teacher! Thank you Cathy for your visit. You are so kind. God bless you, Anita

  2. Very beautiful! I agree, there is nothing more important and vital than hope...
    Dear Cathy, thank you so much for your absolutely kind comments at my place, they mean so much to me.;)
    As for the camera, I have a very simple digital one. A Nikon, I can not remember the exact type, as I am at work and i do not have it here. But i will let you know.;) I am glad you enjoyed my bad shot of the moon nevertheless.;)
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. today at noon the entire school is gathering to pray the rosary for a second grade student battling cancer (he will undergo his second bone marrow transplant).

    so, it was good to read about hope today.

  4. Oh Cathy, thank you for your support and really means a lot to me that people really do care enough to say a kind word and check-in...I will never forget this post about really made me think about it and how I can offer it to those in my immediate world, and make a difference! Thanks so much, Anita


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