Thursday, January 13, 2011

Voice of Wisdom

I will remember how St. Peter, at a blast of wind, began to sink because of his lack of faith, and I will do as he did:  Call upon Christ and pray to him for help.  And then I trust he will place his holy hand on me and in the stormy seas hold me up from drowning.
~Saint Thomas More~


If it is true for Saint Peter and St. Thomas More, it will be no different for me.  I too will be lifted up and emboldened.  I will see that all things are possible for those who believe and I will believe.  I will hope!!!

Thanks be to God!


  1. And your hope will not be in vain. Love the music on your blog, prayerful and uplifting for my soul.

  2. I can visualize that sinking feeling... I am glad I don't have to do it alone. Or I'd be sunk!

  3. GOOD AFTERNOON CATHY! Thank you for coming over today for a virtual mouth-watering treat!! You are such a special friend and I thank you for coming down...God BLESS YOU !!Anita

  4. I can imagine the scene myself- the fear, the unbelief, the lack of faith sometimes. I agree that a quick prayer is always a quick option to be rescued from the fierce storms around us!


  5. Good afternoon dear friend! I will still be posting, even in thid dry season!That is exactly when to produce the best....Anita

  6. A good proclamation indeed. Here;s to you being continually lifted up.

  7. What a very GREAT post!!!
    Thanks for this dear Cathy!

  8. That portion of Scripture is one of my very favorite. Keeping my eyes on Jesus through the storm and off the crashing waves has helped me many times. Lovely post, Cathy!

  9. And where there is love, nothing is impossible dearest heart! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASTIC VISIT CATHY!!!! LOVE TO YOU, Anita


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