Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Unnamed Woman

Today one of my reflections has come to me from The Women of the Passion by Kathleen M. Murphy. The first chapter of the book relates to Matthew's Gospel about the "Unnamed Woman Who Anointed Jesus at Bethany" (Matthew 26: 10-11)  It places me in the house of Simon the Leper.  I can witness the entire event.  Jesus is anointed by a woman who is obviously an outsider and worse yet a sinner.  She enters without invitation and then to the shock and dismay of the other guests bathes Jesus in beautifully aromatic oil.  It's expensive and even to the Apostles it seems to have been wasted for it could have been sold and the money used for the "cause."

But Jesus aware of this, said to them, "Why do you trouble the woman?  For she has done a beautiful thing to me.  For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me. (Mt 26:10-11)

The illustration here is meant, I think, to cause reflection on how, in my life, I have cared for the poor, neglected, or marginalized.   Do I spend more time in acquiring my "wants" and fail to consider the "needs" of others?

I am often saddened by the tragedies in this world.  Though I contribute regularly to causes for the poor and marginalized and pray for them, is that all I can do.  I guess what I need is guidance from the Holy Spirit to lead me to better see the road I must take in becoming more sensitive to the needs of others personally.

Thanks be to God! 


  1. Good morning, Cathy. I have struggled and asked for the same guidance as well. I believe that we each are called to help when we see where there is need. Any little thing helps.

    If each of us responded, the great and the small would be help because we would each be responding to the capacity that we are able in that moment. I believe that the evil one interfers with our ability to see clearly the good that we do, especially the small things, thereby slowing us down and inhibiting our future actions.

    I pray that, during the holy season of Lent, you will find yourself trusting more in yourself and in the capacity you have to give. It isn't necessarily the opportunities we miss that are as important as the opportunities that we see clearly and respond to.

    Blessings, Annie

  2. Dearest friend,

    Your visits always mean so much to me for you were always one of my first blogger friends. TO know also that you believe in our only hope, our only salvation is a comfort. Yes, the tragedies in the world are discouraging, but all we have left is HIM...and each other. Blessings to you dear Cathy, Anita


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