Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Cross Through the Eyes of Mother Teresa

I was drawn today to the writings of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in the book Love: A Fruit Always In Season edited by Dorothy S. Hunt. It is a book of daily meditations on the words of Mother Teresa and today's is very graphic in its imagery. Reflect on these words with me.

What you can see in the Cross

...Look at the Cross and you will see Jesus' head bent to kiss you, His arms extended to embrace you, His heart opened to receive you, to enclose you within His love. Knowing that the Cross was His greater love for you and for me, let us accept His Cross in whatever He wants to give, let us give with joy whatever He wants to take, for in doing so they will know that we are His disciples, that we belong to Jesus, that the work you and I and all the Brothers and Sisters do is but our love in action... (Mother Terese of Calcutta: A Biography by Edward, LeJoly, 333-334)

If we look at the Cross through the eyes of Mother Teresa we can really see this loving Savior who gave his all for us! How much is ALL we can give for him?

Thanks be to God!

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  1. Good morning dearest Cathy! Thank you for visiting my silly Easter blog! Just a little "fĂȘte" to march in the REAL REASON TO CELEBRATE and that new life of ETERNAL promise. And who other than Mother Theresa could SHOW us how to get there....have a magnificent RESURRECTION DAY! Anita


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