Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We believe that God is present everywhere and that
the eyes of the Lord gaze everywhere on the good and bad.
We should, though, be totally convinced that this is so
when we are present at the Divine Office.

Saint Benedict

The Gift of Saint Benedict
Verna A. Holyhead, SGS
Lynne Muir

And so if gazing on the good and the bad the eyes of the Lord are gazing, they must ALWAYS be on me. This requires conviction on my part. And the question for me is, "Am I present to Him?"

Yesterday, was a taxing day at work. We were really short handed as we have never been before. There was only the two of us to take care of the patients, take phone calls and make referrals for two doctors and the nurse practitioner.

Calling on the presence of God was a constant prayer it seemed yesterday. I prayed to the Holy Spirit for guidance and courage. I invoked the name of the Lord to help me with the most difficult patients. And on a number of instances I truly did invoke, "Glory be to God!" in sincere thanksgiving.

Yes, indeed yesterday was a day FULL of prayer! I believe that I can say with all sincerity that yesterday was one of those days when we were in real communion, God and me.

Thanks be to God!!!

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