Friday, August 21, 2009

Reflection on Trust

from truthwithelegance

This very reflection on trust is where I am today. It speaks to me because I am in the back, I know it, but I want control. I want to fix it. I want it to happen now. I do not want to wait.

And then I was lead here.

God is to be trusted,
The God who called you to have fellowship
with his son Jesus Christ, our Lord.
1Corinthians 1:9

A poem compares our life with Jesus to two people on a tandem bicycle. It reads:

At first, I sat in front; Jesus in the rear.
I couldn't see him, but I knew he was there.
I'd feel his help when the road got steep.
Then, one day, Jesus and I changed seats.
Suddenly everything went topsy-turvy
When I was in control the ride was predictable--even boring.
But when Jesus took over, it got wild!
I could hardly hold on
'This is madness!' I cried out.
But Jesus just smiled--and said, 'Pedal!'
and so I learned to shut up and pedal--
and trust my bide companion.
Oh, there are still times
when I get scared and I'm ready to quit.
But Jesus turns around, touches my hand,
smiles, and says, 'Pedal!'"

I may trust Jesus too little, but I can never trust him too much.


The question for reflection, found in Mission 2000, B cycle, asks me why I find it hard to trust Jesus as I'd like. The fact is I trust him as long as life is beautiful, good, and going the way I think it should be going. But today is a day of thanksgiving for me. Yes, I have to thank him for the trial in which I find myself. I must trust him in his wisdom. I know he knows how to take care of me. Maybe my pride is in the way. Yes, pride. I want to fix it myself. Because of the pride, I see failure if I cannot help to heal the pain. When I read this I realized again that I am not GOD. I am the child He created and listening to my Father is what I must do. He's saying, "Let your brother, Jesus, do the work. You pedal!"

My life is full of contradiction. My family is full of diversity. We cannot all be alike, even if I wish it were so. So it is today that I offer again myself and family to the God who made us and let him know that I will start "pedaling" again.

Thanks be to God!

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