Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Been There Done That...

[David ordered a census of Israel.]
But after David had taken the census,
his conscience began to hurt, and he said
to the Lord,"I have committed a terrible sin
in doing this! Please forgive me."
1Samuel 24:10


A favorite saying of Carlos Romulo, the great Philippine leader, was Bahala na ("Put your trust in God'). In today's Bible reading, David shows a lack of "Bahala na." The reason he took the census was to see how many men were available for military service. In the religious Hebrew, such a census reflected an insufficient trust in God. It showed a reliance on human resources for protection, rather than on God.
Mission 2000
Cycle B

I learned a long time ago that not trusting in God is far more painful than placing my trust in Him. Impatience is one of my flaws. When I want something I want it yesterday, especially if it's something important. You know like, money to cover a bill that was acquired when I GREEDILY wanted (not needed) something. Then when the time comes to pay up it REALLY HURTS.

"Please, God, help me NOW!"

And as any good parent would do, teaches the lesson by waiting.
On the other hand I can pray diligently for an answer to a prayer for years if need be or if I think it will take that long.


Wes, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes mellitis when he was 9 years old. I began praying for healing...Yes, healing. For YEARS I prayed for this!!!! I kept praying and TALKING about this to God day in and day our for years! Not listening, just talking. Finally, in a dream, I had a visitor with a voice so tender and soft, I had to listen.

"If I heal him, he will die"

It was as simple as that. Indeed Wes would die. No one would know he'd been healed. He'd still take his insulin and then with an overdose, he would die.

"Oh, ye of little faith!"

An so every time I get impatient (and I still do) or want an answer RIGHT NOW to those URGENT prayers, I stop and try to listen. He will tell me. And though I still am impatient in prayer at times, (Okay, A LOT of the time.) I am reminded that perseverance and listening is still the BEST way to pray!


Thanks be to God!

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