Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Picture by Buggs Moran
The sun is so large that, if it were hollow, it could contain more that one million worlds of the size of our earth. There are stars in space so large that they could easily hold 500 million suns of the size of ours. ~Morris Mandell~

I remember when I was a child gathering with siblings and friends after dark watching the moon and stars. The stories we would tell about space travel and walking on the moon. All this before John Glenn orbited the earth and Man really did walk on the moon.

The wonder and awe of it all. It was all so big. God was wise and all powerful. He was a force to be reckoned with.

Then we grew up and we became wise and all powerful and somewhere in the grand scheme of things God took a back seat. Why is that? Funny, I remember reading a "story" about two people in a garden, who after being tempted to be greater than they were, defied the will of the God who made them and ended up "out on the street."

Tonight the wonder and awe returned. It's silly, but Duchess was laying out in the grass. As the fireflies flew around she seemed to enjoy the light show. The more I watched her the more I came to feel like that little girl who was easily awed by the light of a bug, created not by the hand of man, but by the hand of the One-Who-Created-All-Things, the truly wise and powerful One.

You know you can capture your childhood again! Just stop and smell the flowers, witness the fireflies glowing, and the dog at ease where she lay. God IS good!

Thanks be to God!

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