Thursday, June 18, 2009

It Doesn't Just Go Away

But if you do not do this, you have sinned against
the Lord; and be sure your sin will find you out.
~Numbers 32:23

The signs had been there for a few weeks but I ignored them. Or had chosen to believe that things would take care of themselves and just go away.

But one evening my son when into our utility room and alerted me, with a panicked shout, that thing hadn't gone away. He was confronting a sharp toothed, curious possum, the one responsible fro tipping over our trash. I'd hoped it would just get bored with us, but instead, it had decided to come even closer.

Sin can be like that. I really hope it will go away, or that it might not affect me. But if I persist in ignoring it, I might be surprised one day to find how it's made itself at home.
Jesus, mold me as your disciple, in great ways and in small.
Amy Welborn
A Catholic Woman's Book of Days
Amy Welborn offered another great reflection today. One I can identify with so completely because I can remember when we were confronted by the same obstacle. Not once but a number of times when we lived in Oklahoma and then in the Bicknell house. The critters just would NOT go away!

It's possible that today is the day an analogy like this is meant to enlighten and broaden my view of sin. As a people we have allowed ourselves to believe that My life is my own business. What I do with my life has nothing to do with anyone else. I have the right to pursue it in any way I see fit.

But everything I do and how I do it does affect the lives of others. In many ways it is "their business." Humanity derives its personality, growth, worth and value in the community to which it belongs. Whether that community be family, friends, work, or church makes no difference. I am not untouched by those around me and therefore they are not untouched by me.

I owe it to everyone to be the best I can be. If I sin, no matter how slightly, I have touched another. AND if I think that no one will know the affect, I had better think again, for the One-Who-Really-Counts already knows!! It's time I accepted this reality and try so much more diligently to be what He wants me to be, His special child who minds her Father! Because you know how parents are. They ALWAYS find out!

(Ron sweeping before Marianne's wedding)

There won't always be someone to sweep up after you.
One day you'll have to take responsibility
for your own mistakes (sins)!

~William Thomas McGlone~


Thanks be to God!!!!!!

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