Friday, July 31, 2009

Awareness of Prayer

Picture by Marie Rose Ferron

I awoke this morning saying the Hail Mary, even before I got out of bed and the Our Father soon after. I closed the dishwasher this morning and thought, "Thanks be to God." I find that wherever I turn I am often "turning" in prayer. I think of my children and offer a prayer. I think of my mother and offer a prayer. When I spoke to Rita last night, for the first time in a long time, I was joy-filled and thanked God again.

I realize that my life is a prayer. Sometimes I am aware of it more than I am at other times, but a prayer none-the-less. If only I could avoid those times when my life is void of prayer for that is the time when temptation and sin intrude. Oh, that they might go away!!!!!

I am encouraged by the words of Saint Faustina.

...Today, I was undergoing the Passion of Jesus for a longer time, and thus I saw that many souls were in need of prayer. I feel that I am being completely transformed into prayer in order to beg God's mercy for every soul. O my Jesus, I am receiving You into my heart as a pledge of mercy for souls. [996]

I can only pray that my humble prayers will be of value to those who receive them whether they know it or not. I can only show my sincere gratitude to my Savior in prayer and deed, and when the deeds fail then only in prayer!

Thanks be to God!

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