Friday, July 24, 2009

Strength In Numbers

There is an old saying that there is strength in numbers. To stand alone for a cause is hard, but to stand with a group gives us bravado, purpose and identity. Jesus knew that. He knew that his mission would be accomplished more easily if many individuals banded together as one body to give strength and support to one another.
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As I listened to the web cast last night on Stop the Abortion Mandate, I became very aware that I was part of a larger group of people whose voice is being heard by those who will formulate a health care plan that will serve all people of this nation. While I was listening to the speakers it became clear that if 36,000 people can gather in prayer in their homes to promote LIFE then we can touch others in the same manner by gathering together in the name of God to prevent any further causes that would diminish the value of human life.

It was clear in what was said that if the health care plan succeeds, not only will the unborn be allowed to die through INCREASED funding, the elderly will be allowed to die due to LACK of funding. And all because there is no statement in the health care law that will make it understood that abortion will not be funded through the plan. Omission of these words, in the law, by not specifically saying "No abortion funding" will make it so.

Certainly, in many aspects life is not fair as some claim. But we are those with a voice who can speak out. Maybe because we care for others we can make life more fair for those in need. If, through the voice of many, we can stop the funding of abortion then we will also be able to promote a better quality of life for the aging.

It seems that the health care plan is not focused on improving the quality of life. It appears to be more intent and funding death. The focus is on terminating the life of an innocent before it is born and extinguishing the light of those who are still able to contribute but are older. If you allow enough people to die, unborn and born, there will be no one left to support and pay for the health care of the rest.

If we do not stand up for those who need us to defend them because they have no voice then we have failed as believers in Christ. God creates us, and in his time, not ours, he will bring us home. We have no right to end lives before they are destined for God.

The voices of many can make a difference. I truly believe this. Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God we will prevail. I really have hope that diligence will win out. For 30+ years the road has been long but perhaps this peaceful uprising will bring the importance of life for EVERYONE to bear and LIFE will WIN!!!

Thanks be to God,
Through the power of the Holy Spirit
In Christ Jesus!

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