Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There are days when I don't think I'm very special. Those days when I lose my temper over petty things, cleaning up a mess in the kitchen while others are playing or having to do laundry at work because no one else will. I'm a great fan of the "Pity Party." The truth is I really feel awful when I do this. I don't like ME at all when I do this. And no one notices the "pucker lip" or pouty face. They have their own problems...Why do I do it then? I guess it's because Satan gets his greatest pleasure out of seeing me unhappy! And I buy into HIS happiness. SHAME on ME!!!!!

Today I will try very hard to remember that "God Thinks I'm Special" and show the rest of those around me that I BELIEVE it!!! I will do the laundry with a smile and do the dishes humming a tune. God loves me and Satan doesn't. That makes all the difference in the world!!!!!

Thanks be to God!

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