Thursday, July 16, 2009

Latin, the Living Language

Numquam minus solus, quam cum solus
"Never less alone than when alone"
John Henry Cardinal Newman

When one is alone, one can invite into his life anyone he wishes.

Alone, we have the opportunity to invite God into the silence. When we open our hearts in faith to that presence of God, we can also do something quite paradoxical. Alone with God we can tap the reality of any and every person and every situation in the world.

This is why contemplative life is dedicated so much to the benefit of the world. This is why those behind the walls, so to speak, are so much for those who live outside of them in the world. They invite them in.

We are never really alone when we see with the eyes of faith. If we do not perceive this truth we then need to join the prayer of the two blind men of Jericho, "Lord, let our eyes be opened?(Matthew 20:33).
Latin Sayings for Spiritual Growth
by Archabbot Lambert Reilly, O.S.B.

As I sit here alone and in the quiet I, indeed, understand what Archabbot Reilly is saying. It's my opportunity to feel who I am. I'm not bombarded by telephones, voices on all sides, TV and sundry other distractions and temptations. It's just me alone, yet not alone.

Closing my eyes and breathing evenly, not letting anything else enter my thoughts, I find calm and serenity, true gifts of the Holy Spirit. Grace is given to start another day with a feeling of confidence and joy, that is not always the way I begin a day.

Perhaps this is the beginning of my first real lesson in learning that being alone can be quiet and I can be with the Lord. And even if my mind wanders aimlessly, Jesus doesn't care as long as I am wandering with him.

Thanks be to God!

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