Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Holy Visitor

I am visited often in the darkness of my soul by the Holy Visitor. He brings me the light of grace. This light brightens my life and gives me hope. He brings with him love that nourishes my soul and gives me the courage to go on. He sees my imperfections and loves me all the same. Having him enter my soul and by making him welcome is the highlight of my life.

Knowing he lives in me and that I carry him wherever I go causes me to frequently pause and thank the Father for sending His Son, the Holy Visitor. I am immanently aware of his presence everyday and even more so when I cause the light of His grace to dim when I am less his friend and more the friend of the "unholy visitor." I am disappointed in myself, but am once again consoled by Him-Who-Is-Holy and am assured that I am worth it.

All praise and glory to the name of Jesus through the Father and the Holy Spirit who provide this grace, this holy light to my soul!


Truly and sincerely,
Thanks be to God!!!

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