Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

Today is gloomy, gray and rainy. Sadly, that is how I felt when I got up, gloomy and gray. It seems the environment had encouraged these feelings. You know, I have no reason to feel this way. I have no feelings of anxiety, tension, or sadness. In fact, the opposite is true. Life is good! The grass is green and the roses are blooming. Duchess is napping at my feet and Sam is asleep in his favorite chair. It's quiet and peaceful in this rain, yet I feel "gloomy."

And so in seeking consolation in this "rainy world" I'm in, I picked up Pope John Paul II: His Essential Wisdom, edited by Carol Kelly-Gangi.

And he said to me,

In prayer we express to God our feelings, our thought, our sentiments. We wish to love and to be loved, to be understood and to understand. Only God loves us perfectly, with an everlasting love. In prayers, we open our hearts and our minds to this God of love. And it is prayer that makes us one with the Lord. Through prayer we come to share more deeply in God's life and in his love.
Speech to Youth
New Orleans, 1987

And so with this encouragement and incentive I will attend to the projects of this seemingly gloomy day with prayer and thanksgiving. It is certain to brighten my corner of the world. I prayer your corner of the world is brightened by the love of God!

Thanks be to God!

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